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We're not gonna make out or anything, okay? [entries|friends|calendar]
Oh, I'm sorry. I just totally ruined that moment,

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[June 10th, 1:06pm]
Im deleting this piece of shit by tonight if you havnt added my new journal. your loss.
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[June 6th, 7:06am]

Im making a new journal. This one will be erased soon... Please add me.


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[June 4th, 5:06pm]

I/M ME xomghowclichex

If you wernt already invited then dont come. If you wernt invited and think you should be invited i.m me

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[June 1st, 8:06pm]
So basically i have until friday To come up with 5 really amazing paintings But at the same time child like. Lets see what i can come up with. So far. One is really awesome.
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FRIENDS ONLY !!! [December 5th, 1:12pm]
[ mood | satisfied ]

GUESS WHAT ! If you dont comment to be added, I wont add you.
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